1. How do I use the ID-Pets accessory? Would the activation be immediate?
    All you have to do is to log in to our domain site www.id-pets.com, register with a username and password, input your Pet's biodata in the requested fields and hit the Registration button.
    Your ID-Pets profile will be activated immediately. To check if it is working, simply scan the QR code and your Pet's biodata should show up.
  2. Can I retain the same profile if I purchase another Pet Tag accessory?
    Yes, you may retain the same biodata in your profile even though you purchase more than one accessory. All you have to do is to link it up when you register the new accessory.
    You do not have to enter the information again.
  3. Is there a possibility of having the same QR code for different accessories?
    All our QR codes have a serial number and hence we are able to generate a unique QR code for each accessory. It is highly unlikely to have duplicates.
  4. Will I be charged for any updates on my ID-Pets profile?
    There are no hidden costs, no sign up fees and no annual fees for uploading Your Pet’s biodata on our site and linking it to the QR code. Updates are free as long as you maintain your Pet’s biodata with our server at ID-Pets.com. All accessories will be charge separately.
  5. How secure is my Pet’s biodata stored in your server?
    We have security features to ensure your privacy and the information stored in our server will be held in strictest confidence. Only you as the owner have the access to the biodata and it is only accessible when you log in with your username and password.
    Also we emphasized that the responsibility falls on you to safeguard against unauthorized scanning of the accessory in your possession.
  6. What if I suspect someone has scanned my Pet’s QR code?
    In any case of suspicion, we advise you to immediately log in and de-activate your profile. Once de-activation is done, all your Pet’s biodata in the profile will be removed immediately.
    Also the information is programmed to self destruct after a period of time has lapsed and will not store in the mobile device.
  7. Can my Pet’s profile be re-activated again?
    Yes, you may re-activate your Pet’s biodata simply by logging on with the username and password then activate it. However, we may request that you change your password for security reasons.
  8. How many profiles can I store in one Pet Tag?
    Only one Pet profile per accessory. As this is a unique QR code that is linked directly to your Pet’s profile, it is a security measure in place to protect the privacy of both the Pet and the Owner.
  9. Is the Pet Tag transferable?
    We do not encourage your Pet’s Tag to be transferable as it contains your Pet’s biodata and that of the Owner's to preserve individuality and to ensure that the nature and level of confidentiality are kept in the strictest confidence.
  10. What if I lose my Pet’s Tag?
    In any case, we advise you to immediately log in and de-activate your Pet’s profile. Once the de-activation is done, all the information in your Pet’s profile will be removed immediately. Replace it with a new accessory and you register it with the same username and password to re-activate. Ideally we recommend a change of your password for security reasons.
  11. Will the Vets or Vet Technicians know how to react in the event of an emergency situation?
    We will notify the Vet clinics and Pet Hospitals providing medical services of the existence of our ID-Pets tag, with clear written instructions on where to locate it and how to use it effectively in any given emergency situations to save your Pet’s life.
    Our website also clearly details out instructions on how to use our services.
  12. Will the Vets or Vet Technicians be confused over the identity of the biodata listed on the Pet’s Tag if I have more than one pet of a similar breed?
    No, very unlikely but our system does allow for your Pet’s photo to be uploaded for verification of your Pet’s identity whose biodata is captured in the profile so no mistakes or confusion will surface.
  13. How often should I update my Pet’s biodata in the server?
    It depends on whether there is current update that needs to be input into your Pet’s biodata such as health condition or medication as this can be crucial information in an emergency situation.
    We encourage you to stay current with your Pet’s biodata and remember the onus is on you, the Owner to provide information that could potentially save your Pet’s life.